Quality patent protection begins with a well prepared patent application and getting that application filed before potential rights are lost is of the upmost importance.

John B. Edel
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Fixed Fee Patent Services

Turning an invention into a commercial success takes hard work and resources but moving from idea to patent pending does not have to break the bank. John counsels his clients and offers fixed fee patent services so they can better understand the process of seeking patent protection and control the cost of that process.

Former Patent Examiner

John served as a Patent Examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office working in a Technology Center that handled chemical and mechanical inventions. John uses that experience to guide his clients through the sometimes complicated world of Patent Office procedure.

Dedicated to Service

After leaving chemical engineering and Monsanto's Luling, La. chemical plant in 2003 John changed careers to focus his skills and technical background in the area of patent law. In 2006 John graduated from the Paul M. Hebert law school and Louisiana State University, became a member of the Louisiana State Bar, and became a member of the federal Patent Bar. Since that time he has served as a Patent Examiner and served clients as a patent attorney in both a small firm environment and as an attorney for one of the largest law firms in the state. John strives to provide candid advice, skilled drafting services, and representation before the Patent Office that is both persuasive and professional.

Uniquely Positioned to Turn Creativity into Capital

A successful patent application needs more than a brilliant idea. The patent application process involves the cooperation between inventor and attorney to translate ideas into the details of a patent application. John takes pride in his ability to work with inventors in a way that helps them understand the objectives and obstacles in the patent application process. When those who know the most about a technology also know enough to actively participate in the patenting process, the results can be amazing.