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Your next Baton Rouge intellectual property lawyer should have a practice built around the type of work you need done.

This page will help you understand the main types of intellectual property work so you can pick the right lawyer.

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Types of Intellectual Property:

Patents as type of intellectual property

New and useful inventions and designs


  • a drill bit that cuts faster,
  • a new chemical,
  • a new medical testing device,
  • a new piece of industrial equipment or
  • an ornamental design for a new product
Copyright as type of intellectual property

Original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression


  • a new song recording,
  • photographs,
  • graphic design work, or
  • a sculpture

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Trademark as type of Intellectual Property

Markings or indications that identify the source of goods or services


  • a prominent logo on a product’s package,
  • a stamped mark on a metal product,
  • a mark used on an ordering page for a product, or
  • a mark used in advertising a service

Trade Secrets
Trade Secret as type of Intellectual Property

Commercial secrets that provide competitive advantage


  • a secret manufacturing technique,
  • a secret recipe, or
  • a corporate client list, or
  • proprietary software

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Inventor Help Center

John Edel has a separate dedicated site providing free patent information to small businesses and inventors: BatonRougePatentAttorney.com.

Practice Areas

For over a decade, John’s two primary practice areas have been patent applications and applications for federal trademark registration.

Former Patent Examiner

John Edel is not a litigator but would be happy to connect anyone with a Baton Rouge intellectual property attorney that handles patent, copyright, trademark, or trade secret litigation. If you are interested in copyright registrations, many people decide they don’t actually need to register or can handle a copyright registration without help after visiting the Copyright Office frequently asked questions page.

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Experience …
John Edel:

10 years Intellectual Property Experience
  • Graduated from LSU in Chemical engineering and worked as a process engineer at the Monsanto chemical plant in Luling, LA prior to attending the LSU Law Center.
  • Started his career in intellectual property as a patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Practiced intellectual property law in Baton Rouge for over a decade.

Fixed Fee Services

John offers fixed fee services including fixed fee patent application preparation.

Serving Small Businesses and Inventors

Edel Patents’ primary clientele are small business owners and inventors. Fixed fee services are just one of the ways that John works to strike a balance between quality work and controlling legal fees for clients.

Cost Control

John helps small business and individual inventors keep patent costs reasonable.

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