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John Edel, Baton Rouge Patent Attorney

John Edel

Baton Rouge Patent Attorney

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A full idea for an invention is complete enough that you could teach others how to make and use the invention.
Keep it Confidential
Is it New
Quickly getting to a patent attorney can help you avoid a loss of potential patent rights and chart a path toward a patent application.

Understand the rules ... Don't lose your patent rights!

​Quickly understanding how your invention may be at risk is important. As a Baton Rouge patent attorney, John can assess your patent situation and take steps to avoid a loss of potential patent rights. John also provides up-front coaching on how to avoid spending money on patent work for an invention that is not new.

Searching your invention

​My Blog at BatonRougePatentAttorney.com has several post on beginning the search process and a tutorial on using Google Patents, which is probably the best search tool on the web for both beginners and professionals. The patent blog also explains why inventors should do some patent searching early in the patenting process.

Internet Tools for Inventors

Many of the most important patent resources used by attorneys are the same ones that can help inventors. I keep a list of over 25 useful links on my blog.

90% of my practice is focused on helping people with their patent application related needs.
John Edel, Baton Rouge Patent Attorney
John Edel
Patent Attorney

Hire a patent attorney that gives you confidence

Former Patent Examiner

John began his legal career a Patent Examiner working on mechanical and chemical inventions.

Industry Experience

John worked at Monsanto’s Luling Chemical Plant as a Chemical Engineer prior to becoming a Patent Attorney.

Fixed Fee Services

John offers fixed fee services including fixed fee patent application preparation.

Decade + Experience

Patent applications have been John’s core focus since he became a Louisiana Bar member in 2006.


John is dedicated to getting his clients started in the patenting process with a quality patent application.

Cost Control

John helps small business and individual inventors keep patent costs reasonable.

Call or email me for a free 15 minute discussion including how to avoid losing potential patent rights, application costs and how to start the patenting process.
John Edel, Baton Rouge Patent Attorney
John Edel
Baton Rouge Patent Attorney

(225) 302-8559